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Make Things People Want > Make People Want Things

For more than a decade in the advertising industry, my job was to Make People Want Things.
Today I use my experience and creativity for the better: Make Things People Want.

My passion, your benefit

I am a creative brand and experience enthusiast with many years of experience in bringing companies closer to their customers and employees through touching, engaging and relevant human insights and relations.

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and make your company futureproof.


Swiss International Air Lines

At «SWISS» my team was responsible for the improvement of the customer experience while being absolutely on brand. For me, this was an incredible playground with endless possibilities.

New impulses

I bring an outside view to your business and new impulses into it.

Out of the Box Thinking

Everyone is talking about “Out of the Box Thinking”. Now you can have it.

Experiences & products

I create experiences and products your customers didn’t even know they wanted. 


Lenzerheide Bike Kingdom

By introducing our concept Bike Kingdom in Lenzerheide we hooked the community beyond expectations and won the most important tourism price for innovation in Switzerland.

Appenzeller Beer

How to increase sales by 700% with human insights. 

Let’s talk

Already Steve Jobs knew: «It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.» He is right, because it is my job.