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I am a creative brand and experience enthusiast with many years of experience in bringing companies closer to their customers and employees through touching, engaging and relevant human insights and relations.

My specialty is the ability to really understand human needs and finding clever, creative, innovative, and inspiring ways to satisfy them, creating experiences people love and remember, possibly defining new standards in marketing and product. 

I look relaxed but in my head, I am already developing new ideas for your business. 

«On Running AG»

The Roger. One of many shoe models from the highly successful Swiss brand.  

At On I bring my expertise in customer-centricity, technology and creativity into some very exciting projects shaping the future of omnichannel and DTC for even more growth, new revenue streams, and enhanced brand equity.

«Creative Intelligence Society»

The CIS Office in Zurich.

I co-founded the «Creative Intelligence Society» which combines Strategy, Innovation, Business Experience, and Communication for a real impact on the relationship between companies and the humans interacting with them.

Product Owner

At Swiss International Air Lines, I led an agile innovation team as product owner SWISSness reloaded responsible for identifying, creating, and implementing a «Swiss» signature product experience on the ground and in the air.

«The air line business is full of possibilities but also trapped in the this-is-how-we-always-did-it-bubble. Don’t be like the air lines. Move forward faster.»

Creative Director

As a Creative Director, I worked on dozens of major brands in Switzerland directing the creative strategy for relevant and award-winning campaigns.

Need help?

If you need next-level customer experience, creative strategy, business ideas, product ideas, digital insights, or innovation consulting that is not just fancy but bringing your business forward you have found the right person to get it done or even better help you get it done yourself.

You can hire me for days, weeks or months. For business development, for inspirational, creative workshops, for innovation/transformation projects, or as a challenger with an outside view. 

Let’s Make Things People Want. Together. 

If you have any of these questions or similar ones contact me:  

  • What is going on in the world and how can my company keep up? 
  • How can my company set new standards in product and service? 
  • What do I have to do to make my customers love my brand and products (again)? 
  • How should I renew the Vision/Mission of my company? 
  • Why do my customers buy from another brand but not mine? 
  • My competitors have a similiar offer like me. How can I differ myself from my competitors and get more market shares? 
  • What do customers expect today and tomorrow from my company, my products? 
  • How can I get the best employees? 
  • How can we define the market instead of following? 
  • How can we digitalize our services in a human-centred way? 
  • How do we start our digital transormation? 

Let’s talk

Already Steve Jobs knew: «It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.» He is right, because it is my job.