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Be years ahead of the competition with innovation and ultimate customer focus.

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Status Quo.

Mountain Bikers are a growing community and numerous destinations are trying to get their attention especially as summer tourism gets more and more important for alpine destinations. 

With its epic landscapes, modern infrastructure and a lot of commitment, Lenzerheide has been able to establish itself as one of the best biking regions in Europe, which has led to it being host to world cup races and even the world championships. But what’s next? How can Lenzerheide differentiate itself from the competition, because let’s be honest. Bike destinations around the world hardly differ. We wanted to change that.

«Behind “Bike Kingdom” is a new form of tourism, which has now been consistently implemented for the first time.»

Quote from the winning speech by the Jury
at the Milestone Awards. 

Understanding Humans.

In the first step, we developed a positioning that makes Lenzerheide’s ambitions tangible and challenges them at the same time. Because whoever says «Bike Kingdom» must deliver «Bike Kingdom». Our positioning should inspire the community and at the same time raise their expectations. Because only in this way is «Bike Kingdom» constantly challenged to improve the product so that it lives up to the name. 

So the question was: Are we already «Bike Kingdom» and if not, how do we become it? In order to find this out, we examined the product and brought an outside perspective to tourism. The fact is: Lenzerheide is in an absolutely top position in terms of infrastructure and landscape. But so are some of our competitors. So we had to do things that tourist regions don’t normally do, we had to track down what is being done the same everywhere and invent solutions that make it better, go new ways and above all: radically put the customer at the center. From this, we derived several initiatives. 

With the innovation of product and customer experience as well as the linking of online and offline experience, we create the bike destination of the future. Its name: «Bike Kingdom». Brought to life via a comprehensive digital platform, structural measures in the region and a rethought content strategy. 

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Already Steve Jobs knew: «It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.» He is right, because it is my job.