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SWISS. Fly Greener.

Status Quo.

The airline industry produces a significant amount of greenhouse gases but still everyone wants to travel. «Swiss» has one of the most modern fleets on the market and produces up to 25% less greenhouse gases than other airlines.

The Swiss population is a world champion in recycling, and in this country, it is practically good manners to separate reusable waste. Who, if not the airline from Switzerland with its efficient fleet and its Swiss mentality, could represent the concept  of «fly greener» more credibly? In 2018 – before Greta Thunberg even stepped on stage –  I presented this concept to the management board. 

Understanding Humans.

Airline cabin waste Is aviation’s other environmental crisis. So it stands to reason that this problem should be addressed. With a passenger capacity of more than 18 million people each year, «Swiss» is currently producing a huge  amount of waste. Not very Swiss and not very contemporary. So I started an initiative to cut these amounts significantly by using environmentally friendly materials. 

A high percentage of people don’t even notice if they eat meat or meat replacements if you don’t tell them. 

Let’s talk

Already Steve Jobs knew: «It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.» He is right, because it is my job.