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Cases & Studies

Great Customer Experience and innovation need three things:

Focus, Creativity, and Commitment.

My specialty is the ability to really understand human needs and finding clever, creative, innovative, and inspiring ways to satisfy them, creating experiences people love and remember, possibly defining new standards in marketing and product. 

I’d like to showcase some of the concepts I developed to get a feeling of how I work and what extent of innovation you can expect by bringing me in.

Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

At «SWISS» my team was responsible for the improvement of the customer experience while being absolutely on brand. For me, this was an incredible playground with endless possibilities. 

New impulses

I bring an outside view to your business and new impulses into it.

Out of the Box Thinking

Everyone is talking about “Out of the Box Thinking”. Now you can have it.

Experiences & products

I create experiences and products your customers didn’t even know they wanted. 


Be years ahead of the competition with innovation and ultimate customer focus.

Brauerei Locher.

How to increase sales by 700% with human insights. 

Let’s talk

Already Steve Jobs knew: «It’s not the customer’s job to know what they want.» He is right, because it is my job.